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ALEC Department Plans to Grow

By: Meagan Brown The Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences has begun the process of constructing a fourth building in the AgriLife Complex. One floor of the building is set to be devoted solely to the Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications (ALEC) department. The floor will add approximately 16,000 square feet of space for the department. This space will be dedicated to the advancement of research and teaching to provide the best education to ALEC students. “We will have more space for our students to participate… Read More →

Study Away to California 2014

  By: Patricia Ward This summer 17 students took their education to the next level in a unique field-experience to California. Study Away to California is a 10-week course designed to provide students with real world experience in advocacy, outreach, diversity and community engagement while also earning credit for AGCJ 380 and 491. “There is no better way to understand research and people than to work with them in an engaged experience,” ALEC Graduate Assistant Ashley Stewart said. “It was a ‘learning by doing’ opportunity.” Students knocked on… Read More →

Four ALEC Students Receive USC Scholarship

  By: Patricia Ward This year Texas A&M’s University Staff Council provided scholarships to students who serve as full-time staff members at the university. The scholarship, with support from The Association of Former Students, is designed to recognize students who are actively showing commitment to the university’s mission of teaching, research and service. Recipients of the scholarship must be a full-time employee at Texas A&M and must maintain a 3.0 GPR to be considered for the scholarship. The scholarship is based on the applicant’s written essay describing how… Read More →

2014 ALEC Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Winners

By: Patricia Ward This year the Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications department had three individuals who received the Dean’s Outstanding Achievement Award in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. These awards recognize, reward and encourage excellence in the work of faculty, staff and students. Assistant Professor, Summer Odom,Ph.D., received the award for her outstanding service. Odom has been with the college for 17 years. “Dr. Odom lives by example, providing selfless service to the profession, organizations, department and college. She impacts students and faculty in the way… Read More →