ALEC Faculty Attend AAAE Conference


Several ALEC faculty members attended the American Association for Agricultural Education’s 2015 national conference in San Antonio, Texas. Throughout the conference several faculty members received awards and recognition for their outstanding work in various areas:

  • Kim Dooley, Ph.D. – AAAE Fellow
  • Alvin Larke, Ph.D. – AAAE Honorary Lifetime Membership Award
  • Clay Ewell – AAAE Special Award
  • Robert Strong­­, Ph.D. – AAAE Outstanding Early Career Award
  • Katy Lane and Theresa Murphrey, Ph.D. – Top Five Research Poster
    Encouraging Undergraduate Students in Agriculture to Pursue International Experiences: Preference and Motivation
  • Anna Bates and Theresa Murphrey, Ph.D. – Top Five Innovative Poster
    New Technology Meets Traditional Home Visits: Using Instagram to Engage Secondary Agricultural Science Students
  • Clay Zwilling, Roger Hanagriff, Ph.D., and John Rayfield, Ph.D. – Outstanding Innovative Poster
    Using Google Analytics to Assess the Use of Online Resources in Agricultural Education

Congratulations to all those who were recognized for their hard work.

According to their online mission statement the “AAAE is dedicated to studying, applying, and promoting the teaching and learning processes in agriculture.”  They are a professional organization that values effective teaching, developing and empowering others, quality research and other scholarly activities.

To learn more about the AAAE click here.

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