New Assistant Professor, Tobin Redwine, Ph.D.


By: Emily Foreman

When a compelling story about agriculture is being told you can almost be certain Tobin Redwine, Ph.D., will be nearby. As the ALEC department’s new agricultural communications and journalism assistant professor, Redwine will teach and research about how the agriculture industry can tell captivating stories and extend that knowledge through service.

Redwine graduated with a Bachelor of Science in agricultural leadership and development from Texas A&M University in 2008. He continued his education at Texas Tech University. After graduating with a Master of Science in agricultural communication, Redwine returned to Texas A&M.

For the next few years he worked as a recruiter in the Dean’s office of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Soon afterward, Redwine returned to the ALEC department to pursue a doctoral degree.

Redwine finished his doctorate in agricultural leadership, education and communications this past December.

“I want to teach, research and extend knowledge about how we tell the story of agriculture,” he said. “If I could sum up everything that I do as a professor in one sentence that’s what it is.”

Redwine’s line of inquiry, or research, is how stories are told—orally, visually and through the written word.

“I want to investigate how we can create compelling stories visually. How can we tell the story of agriculture visually?” he asked. “How can we combine that with written word, art and everything else to tell the public our mission as the agriculture industry?”

Everything Redwine undertakes as an assistant professor will go back to this research. He said that even the classes he teaches will correlate with that research. Starting this fall he will be teaching classes on media writing and photography.

“I wanted to be a part of a team that has the best resources and the best knowledge to better equip us to answer questions. That’s what Texas A&M does,” Redwine said.

His passion for how stories are told is not limited to his role as a researcher; this passion extends into Redwine’s everyday life. One of his hobbies is photography and Redwine said that he believes there is a difference between being a photographer and being a story teller.

“How can we continue to create good stories for agriculture? That’s what I’m interested in as a researcher but also in my everyday life,” he said. “So that’s what I like to do. I like to tell stories. I like to sing folk songs. I like to take pictures. I like cheesy puns.”

When not pursuing his passion for stories and cheesy puns, Redwine said he spends time with his wife, Shanna, and their one-year-old son, Eli, who enjoys yelling and playing catch. Redwine is also a music enthusiast and plays instruments including the guitar, harmonica or just about anything else that makes noise.

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