New Advisors Kristina Beevers, David Turner, and Adolfo Cadena Join ALEC


Kristina Beevers, David Turner, and Adolfo Cadena, three new advisors have joined the ALEC family!

Beevers and Turner are new to the University. As the fall 2015 semester rolls around, they are excited to learn about Texas A&M University’s traditions, atmosphere, and students.

Beevers, originally from Belton, Texas, graduated from Baylor University with an undergraduate degree in Film and Digital Media and a graduate degree in communication. She will be working as the Agricultural Communications and Journalism advisor.

“My family has a long-standing relationship with A&M,” Beevers said. Her family has members who have attended or plan to attend Texas A&M.

Turner, advisor for Agricultural Leadership and Development, grew up in Mississippi and has a background in special education. He received his bachelor’s degree in special education from University of Southern Mississippi. He realized he wanted to get into higher education.

“I wanted to have a position where I could have direct interaction with students,” Turner said. He recently received his master’s degree in education with an emphasis in higher education administration from Louisiana State University.

Adolfo Cadena grew up in Del Rio, a small town on the border of Texas. He just finished school here at Texas A&M with a B.A. in Spanish. Cadena will be advising primarily agricultural science students. He worked alongside an advisor in Hispanic Studies for four years where he realized he wanted to be an advisor. Working in this department has shown Cadena how important it is to be bilingual.

“It’s always a good thing to know more than one language,” Cadena said, “especially seeing how many students want to learn Spanish.”

Beevers experienced a taste of working with students through teaching undergraduate students for two years. She also recently started advising incoming students at their new student conferences this summer.

“It was so much fun meeting with new students,” Beevers said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve been new to college and it is great to see students so excited.”

Like Beevers, Turner had his fair share of experience working with student affairs at Xavier University in New Orleans. He worked with the student orientations and programming. “I’m looking forward to being a part of the tradition and history here,” Turner said.  “Texas A&M is a great school with a lot of opportunities” he said.

Beevers has her own suggestions for students.

“Grades are not everything. Of course they are important, but ultimately [students] need to be happy,” Beevers said. “They should get everything out of the college experience” she said.

Turner agrees.

“Take advantage of all the opportunities and resources offered here at Texas A&M,” he said. Turner pointed out that this is a time in life where everyone wants to see students succeed, and faculty, like himself, are willing help students get there.

Like Turner, Cadena expresses how important it is to know your resources and degree plan among other things before coming to see an advisor.

“Definitely listen to your advisor and pay attention to them”, Cadena said. This helps minimize confusion as well as time.

Ultimately, Beevers, Cadena, and Turner look forward to meeting students, and jump starting them into their college careers.




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